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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Shareblock?

Let us assume you are interested in purchasing a bungalow at Ingwelala. Each bungalow has been allocated a number of shares between 6 and 10 depending on size and position. You purchase the shares not the bungalow; the bungalow remains an asset of the company, but you get exclusive use of the bungalow.

How many bungalows are there at Ingwelala?

Besides the accommodation for staff, there are 206 bungalows owned by the members, located in a central camp area. Whilst this might appear to be a high density area, the bungalows are orientated to maximise privacy.

How many people may purchase the shares for a bungalow?

The members decided at the 1998 Annual General Meeting that a maximum of 2 shareholders are allowed per bungalow, thus preventing the acquisition of bungalows by syndicates and companies. The main reason for this is to control the utilisation of the reserve and prevent over usage.

What do my shares entitle me to?

Ingwelala has a total number of 1 500 shares. Besides the exclusive use of your bungalow you are entitled to use all the communal facilities, and to traverse the farms Argyle, Buffelsbed and Esser.

Who may use my bungalow?

At the time of purchase you will be informed of the maximum number you may sleep in your bungalow – the maximum varies depending on number of rooms. People who are authorized to use your bungalow are you (the Shareholder), your spouse and your children. Authorised Users are registered free of charge. A once-off charge of R 2 500 for the registration of each new member. Commercial letting of your bungalow will not be allowed. You may send unaccompanied guests to use your bungalow, but you will be charged a fee during their stay. A letter of permission must be faxed or mailed to Reception prior to your guests arrival.

What about maintenance and insurance of my bungalow?

You are responsible for all maintenance of your bungalow and contribute to the maintenance of the communal facilities in proportion to your number of shares. The company insures all the company's assets, including your bungalow. You are responsible for the premium for your bungalow and for your share of the insurance costs of the communal facilities in proportion to your number of shares. Insurance for your bungalow is calculated on building-only replacement value, although this value can be increased on members instructions. Solar systems, decks and gazebos are rated individually on instruction from members. All replacement values can be obtained from reception. NB: The onus is on members to inform the Company of any changes or additions to their insurance requirements. The contents of your bungalow and game vehicles are not part of the company's assets. It is therefore your responsibility to see that they are insured under a separate policy. In addition, it is the member's responsibility to ensure adequate insurance cover for the bungalow during building operations, where the contract value exceeds R 100 000,00. This is particularly relevant to "Contractors All Risks" insurance cover. Advice can be obtained from the Reserve Manager. Article on Insurance.

How is Ingwelala funded?

The operating and maintenance costs are funded by means of a monthly levy. Let us assume the annual costs are R1 million, and you have a 6 share bungalow your annual levy would be 6 shares divided by 1 500 shares times R1 million. The 2008 monthly levy is R182,00 per share.

How is Ingwelala run?

A Board of Directors is elected at the Annual General Meeting. Directors are appointed for a period of 3 years, and at least 3 directors have to stand down each year, but may offer themselves for re-election. The majority of the directors reside in the Johannesburg/Pretoria region, and the Annual General Meeting is held in this area. The directors form committees e.g. Technical, Buildings, Discipline, etc and run the reserve together with the full time resident staff. Ingwelala employs below 50 people of which approximately 8 are management.

What about Rules and Regulations?

Obviously with the large number of users, there have to be rules and regulations. These are strictly enforced, particularly over-utilization i.e. if you are allowed to sleep 6 persons in your bungalow, any number in excess of 6 will attract an additional bed levy charge. At the Annual General Meeting in 1998 the members instructed the directors to impose fines on certain transgressions, as well as publish the names of offenders in the Newsletter. To view the list of fines, please click here.

What is the Umbabat?

Ingwelala, Buffelsbed, Sibon and Op Goedehoop are located within the Umbabat Private Nature Reserve, which includes Ndlofu, Ntsiri and Manzimvula and numerous smaller farms. There is a Committee who represent the interests of the area as a whole and liaises with the Kruger National Park and neighbouring reserves.

Who maintains the access road to the Umbabat?

The access road to the Umbabat was privatized in 1995 and is maintained by the Control Gate Company. This company has erected a control gate near the Klaserie River and persons passing through this gate are charged a entry fee per vehicle. This money is used to maintain the access road. Besides the access control, this gate has improved security and contributed towards a reduction in poaching.

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