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Project 80:80

Introduction: The 80:80 Project -  Administration Block Rebuild: July 2010 to November 2011.

The purpose of this section of the website was to inform and keep the members of Ingwelala updated about the project. Unfortunately, just as the final trees were planted, and the new grass laid, along came the devastating floods of 17/18 January 2012. Fortunately the new admin block itself was  untouched, only the (old) swimming pool and gardens were badly damaged. It was subsequently decided by the insurers to reconstruct and move the swimming pool to a safer area, resulting in inevitable setbacks to the completion of this area. The rebuild of the swimming pool is covered in the Project Dando (flood damage) archives.
Edited project progress with photos are shown in the updates below. Please read from the bottom up.

The Concept:

The original proposal in its full format,
with updates, is available here.

The Team:

Civil Engineer:
Project Manager:
Elect.l Engineer:

Eric Dixon
Christoff Wipplinger
Jacques Hoffman
Dave Humphrey
Louis & Lee-Ann Rautenbach


 March 2011 to Dec 2011: Project Construction to Completion & finalisation

The dreaded snag list.
Progress to complete the snag list by the contractual date was hampered by the flood, limited access to Ingwelala and of course an unstable water supply. Since early March this activity resumed and the final work is very near completion. The 80:80 Committee appointed by the Board was thanked enormously for its contribution to Ingwelala and formally disbanded.

On your next visit you will notice a substantial storm water drainage channel constructed to replace the old water channels which served the storm water drainage at the old “Super Bowl” area. The timing of the floods and having Sharalumi Building Solutions then return to site was most fortuitous. It allowed us an opportunity to observe and learn first-hand the latest alignment and patterns of water flow and to purpose build a storm water channel that will serve our future needs. The subsequent storm at month end (58mm) proved that the design and functionality is spot on. In time, shrubs and grasses will colonise this channel and improve the general aesthetics.

Office furnishings.
A shipment of office desks, tables and chairs is ready for collection in Gauteng, just as soon as we have an opportunity to collect this after the busy Easter period. Of the original furniture ordered and collected, there were supply faults and these will be rectified when we collect the additional furnishings.

The new Reception counter is installed, and those fortunate to visit Ingwelala have all commented favourably on the choice, functionality and aesthetics. Maryna and Annemie are both pleased as punch, and thoroughly deserve to be.

Bungalow #197.
Along with Ingwelala making good # 197, after nine months of occupation as our temporary office space, the restoration was interrupted by the December/January holiday break and of course by flood Dando. This sub project of 80:80 is now complete and the Thorpe family is fully reinstated after a proper hand over – take over. All parties are satisfied. Many thanks, Chris and Auriel Thorpe.

Click here for photos of the completed Admin Block (Project 80:80 & Dando) one year later, December 2012.


1. Work plan for the next reporting period
• General snaglist / adjustment items remain

2. Action Items
• Contractor to complete all oustanding listed items
• HP2 to visit the site for works completion on 15 December 2011
• Check all LED possibilities with Andrew Rossaak
• Check additional light fitting possibilities in office with Andrew Rosaak
• Prepare and discuss draft final account with contractor
 3. Problems and delays
• Contractor reported no delays.

4. Progress Photos
See November Gallery for photos
See December Gallery for photos

5. Notes
HP2 foresees a very busy December month and all parties involved are under pressure to perform and ensure a successfully completed project by 21 November 2011.


1. Work plan for the next reporting period
• Complete paving
• Complete Earth coat product to floors
• Complete Aluminium
• Complete final coat of paint
• Complete thatch roof to fuel court

2. Action Items
• Paving to be completed by 17 November 2011
• Earth coat product to floors to be complete by 17 November 2011
• All light fittings and fans to be complete by 15 November 2011
• Clean up to start on 17 November 2011
 3. Problems and delays
• Contractor reported no delays.
• Fridge specialist reported that the factory manufacturing the fridge is delayed by 3days

4. Progress Photos
See October Gallery for photos

5. Notes
HP2 foresees a very busy November month and all parties involved are under pressure to perform and ensure a successfully completed project by 21 November 2011.

The progress around 80:80 is very pleasing and the professional team are confident that the construction team will meet the contracted completion date of 21 November 2011. A comprehensive report back to the Members will be heard at the upcoming AGM on 17 November 2011.


1. Work plan for the next reporting period
• Latte canopies
• Complete Thatch roofs
• Install Air conditioners
• Install steel float screeds

2. Action Items
• All selected sub-contractors already appointed will now be part of all site visits
• Thatch roofs to be completed 100% by end of October 2011
• Awaiting final proposal from JVR - walk-in fridge supplier
• Screeds to be completed
• Contractor is guided by detailed Program from HP2
 3. Problems and delays
• Contractor reported no further delays.

4. Progress Photos
See September Gallery for photos

5. Notes
HHP2 foresees a very busy October month and all parties involved are under pressure to perform and ensure a successfully completed project by 21 November 2011. .


Contractor continued superstructure brickwork to ablution facility
Roof construction continued to members area
Plaster works commenced at the members area

1. Work plan for the next reporting period
• Complete septic tank and French drain
• Complete plaster and screeds
• Complete thatch roofs
• Order Light fittings, sanitary ware, etc

2. Action Items
• Contractor to complete approved changes to ablution facility
• Contractor to complete approved changes to conference verandah
• Plaster to internal walls to be complete by end of September 2011
• Septic tank and soak away to be resolved by 12 September 2011
• Extended slab / ramp to back of shop to be complete by 15 September 2011
 3. Problems and delays
• Contractor requests 9 days due to proposed changes and additions – 7 days are granted.
• These 7 days would be additional working weekends.
• 1st delivery is intended to be 21 November 2011.

4. Progress Photos
See August Gallery for photos

5. Notes
HP2 foresees a very busy September month and all parties involved are under pressure to perform and ensure a successfully completed project by 21 November 2011.


1. Work plan for the next reporting period
• Complete septic tank and French drain
• Complete 50% of plaster work
• Complete 50% of thatch roof structure - not grass covering
• Order Light fittings, sanitary ware, etc

2. Action Items
• All selected sub contractors already appointed will now be part of all site visits
• Thatch roofs to be completed 50% by end of August 2011
• Electrical first fix to be approved by Dave H, Jacques H, John L, Christoff W. and Andrew R.
• Excavate new septic tank - consult with Andrew R.
• Evaluate window and door options and appoint supplier / installer
• Architect to conclude sanitary ware, tile options
 2. Progress Photos
See July Gallery for photos

3. Notes
HP2 foresee no problems for the contractor achieving the goals and objectives of this project. HP2 is satisfied with all the actions on site.


1. Work Plan for the next Reporting Period
• Completion of ablution superstructure walls
• Complete beams and slabs
• Continue internal electrical reticulation
• Check electrical light positions in walls
• Start plumbing first fix
• Consult with AR & ED with regards to new septic tank position
• Thatching contractor should deliver material Mid July 2011 and start towards the end of July 2011


2. Progress Photos
See June Gallery for photos


1. Work Plan for the next Reporting Period
• Completion of all superstructure walls
• Start and progress with beams and slabs
• Excavate and cast ablution facility
• Continue internal electrical reticulation
• Check electrical light positions in walls
• Consider options with regards to DB and possible savings - Dave Humphrey
• Consult with AR & ED with regards to new septic tank position
• Thatching contractor should be on site by mid July 2011


2. Progress Photos
See May Gallery for photos

3. General
The Board approved (14 May 2011), on recommendation from the 80:80 Committee, to increase the covered patio (gazebo) of the Members Area by 13 square metres at an estimated cost of R34 000.00 VAT inclusive.



1. Comments from the professional team
Impatto Comment:
Very happy with the way things are looking on the site. Building of foundation walls done in a very accurate and professional manner with neat profiles. Workers all in same T-shirts, site looks organized. Was an indication of a contractor who knows what he is doing. Keep it up! - Christoff Wiplinger

LEW Comment:
Foundations: Foundation conditions were found to be suitable for normal foundations, without reinforcement. The foundation was inspected on 2 separate occasions and was accepted.
Foundation brickwork: The quality of brickwork is very good, and brick force is placed in every course up to floor level. The members’ area will have a standard 85mm surface bed on compacted fill. The rest of the building will be filled with building rubble and a 170mm reinforced wall will be constructed.
In our opinion, the contractor has a good production rate, ad ears to instruction diligently and the quality of the work is very good. - Eric Dixon

2. Work Plan for the next Reporting Period
• Completion of all foundation walls
• Filling and compaction
• Ant and termite treatment in foundations and under surface beds
• Cast surface bed to members area
• Cast 170mm reinforced slab to shop, offices, conference room and directors office
• Prepare and complete electrical reticulation to various buildings
• Check electrical conduit positions in surface beds
• Consider options with regards to DB and possible savings - Dave Humphrey
• Consult with AR & ED with regards to new septic tank position
• Start superstructure to members area and shop, offices


 2. Immediate Actions
• All selected sub contractors already appointed will now be part of all site visits.
• Discuss correct levels of offices and conference room with Impatto and LEW.
• Obtain cube test results for foundations for shop, offices, conference room & director’s office.
• Obtain quotes for remaining Provisional sums - standing item.
• Follow up payment guarantee from Ingwelala - SBS trying to secure bridging finance.
• Ensure that Leadwood poles for use in the members area are available.
• ED to ensure correct placing / compaction of rubble in foundation voids.
• Continue with Telkom follow up lines to workshop - Annemie is of great help.

3. Progress Photos
Note: See April Photos for photos


  • The original buildings are 90% demolished, only the old library remaining which will be professionally imploded (using explosives) in early April.
    (Note: See April photos)
  • Old thatch grass has being “brush packed” in the reserve to assist with erosion control and veld rehabilitation.
  • Re-usable roofing timber has being stockpiled.
  • Original hardwood posts have being numbered and stockpiled.
  • Foundations for the Members Area, Reception and Shop are already constructed.
  • Civil Engineer has inspected and approved foundation build quality and specification.


Progress Photos
Note: See March Gallery for Photos


The comprehensive communication dated 07 March 2011 from the Board Chairman to the Membership is appreciated.

  • The building contract was awarded to Sharalumi Building Solutions on 01 March 2011.
  • The official site handover planned for 07 March 2011 took place (at the time of writing this report)
  • The building site is demarcated with danger tape. Please do not enter the building site.
  • Demolition of the old office block has commenced.

 July 2010 to Feb 2011: Project Planning to Appointment of the Team and Handover


Please download this message about the Project 80:80 from Kevin Alborough, Chairman of the Board.


The 80:80 Chairman, John Saker, reported to the 05 February Board Meeting as follows:

1. Professional Team

  • The electrical and structural consulting professionals have been formally appointed, as has the architect and project manager – all in terms of formal agreements that have been reviewed by the 80:80 Committee.
  • The formal documents are in the formal Project File maintained at Ingwelala by Natalie, which is the required residing place of all documents relating to the project.
  • For certainty of operation, the following 80:80 team members are the points of contact with the professionals – Ray Bezuidenhout and the Architect, Andrew Rossaak and the Project Manager who liaise with the consulting professionals, and now John Llewellyn and the PM on matters of the move to #197
  • I include in the professional team all the members of the 80:80 Committee who have participated enthusiastically in both our weekly Tuesday morning one hour teleconferences and in the intervening days on matters requiring attention at this time. I hesitate to single out for thanks any particular member. I believe we have brought to bear the very best legal and industry experience as well as director involvement – certainly Ingwelala could not have afforded the substantial fees for the services these individuals have delivered on this project.

2. Preparation for Tender

  • There has been extensive development of the tender documents since November 2010. These have been reviewed in depth by the 80:80 team.
  • This phase included a complete examination of the scope of project although we have not commissioned any alternations to the plans. We have applied our collective minds to what will or will not work for us in practice. In some circumstances we have merely filled in the blanks and made the necessary decisions.

3. Tender

  • The intended final tender document should be ready for collection on 1st February 2011 from the PM offices in Nelspruit. There will a compulsory site inspection at Ingwelala on Friday 4th February 2011.
  • The contract document will be that common in the industry and has already been scrutinised by members of the 80:80 Team.
  • It is intended that the 80:80 Committee will convene at Ingwelala on Saturday 26th February 2011 (date to be confirmed) for two hours to consider the analysis (by the PM, Andrew Rossaak and Ray Bezuidenhout) of submitted tenders and to make a decision for adoption by the Board, and thereafter to negotiate and sign the contract with the preferred bidder who will need to be on site from 1st March 2011.

4. Transition – Member Services

  • We have been fortunate in being served very well by Chris and Auriel Thorpe in #197 adjacent to the Admin Block who have embraced a suggestion to vacate their unit to allow the temporary use thereof for Ingwelala admin in 2011.
  • There were several alternatives for temporary admin premises but none so little inconvenient or less expensive than that offered by using #197.
  • Ingwelala and #197 have reduced their agreement to writing. The agreement does provide for Ingwelala to make good all wear and tear and to repair the inevitable damages. We have arranged that there will be no new walkways or roads around #197 and to demarcate areas with poles to protect the bush. In addition we have agreed to “leave behind” the several improvements we would have made for the temporary accommodating of the administration function, including improved electrical reticulation, services, etc. These will be costs for the project but overall these costs will be way less than the alternatives we were considering.
  • The Thorpes have signed a copy and I and the General Manager will sign a copy on 7 / 8 February when the Thorpe’s travel to Ingwelala to pack up #197. We envisage returning #197 to the Thorpes late in 2011. A copy of the unsigned agreement is available from the Project File.
  • The January 2011 Newsletter will be the medium for the General Manager to advise members of the transitional arrangements and reduced services to members. E.g. there will not be a laundry service from approximately when the laundry facilities need to be vacated, no cold room in #197 although supplies will be available on a reduced basis, and many other adaptations.
  • The planning for the transition (power, tele, IT, water, space, people arrangements), the packing up or #197 and of the admin block, the transfer to #197, the decision about the award, the arrival of the contractor on site and the attending to normal operations and eventualities means John and his team will be at full stretch for this quarter and they deserve our additional support at this time.

5. Costing

  • Philip Reynolds is preparing a schedule of the likely overall costs for discussion on the 80:80 call on Tuesday 1st February 2011. Naturally, as we are in a closed period pre-tender submission, these numbers are highly price sensitive, and Philip will discuss these again at the Board Meeting, including the subject of VAT treatment.
  • Philip will also apprise the Board of compliance with the Special Capital Levy being paid monthly and one-time payments, as well as arrangements to “invoice” the capital levy.


  • The 80:80 Committee has had several meetings during the reporting period, to discuss the best and most practical options for temporary administration offices.
  • A site visit was held to discuss site demarcation and the demolition progress.
  • Quotations received from Electrical Engineers were scrutinized and a preferred service provider appointed.
  • The QS has continued to calculate an accurate costing and this figure should be available in the very near future.
  • Further to this and because of the holiday period it was not possible to achieve any further progress.
  • It is planned that demolition will commence in March 2011.
  • To save on construction costs and speed up the build time, the building process will no longer be a phase plan building. Services available to Members will be similar to the current operation, with the exception that no laundry facilities will be available from mid February 2011 to December 2011. Contact details of a service provider in Hoedspruit are available from Reception.


  • The relevant working contracts are duly signed with the appointed QS and Project Manager, a Mr Jacques Hoffman, who was introduced to the Membership at the November AGM.
  • The Tender Document, including all the special conditions to be included, will be finalised once the QS pricing is established. QS pricing will be completed by 20 January 2011, where after the project team will announce the tender once accepted by the Board.
  • It is planned that demolition will commence in March 2011.


  • The 80:80 Project Committee has received the final (full) set of drawing plans from the appointed architect. Once again thank you for communicating your comments and suggestions during the feedback period. It contributed to an informed decision making process. The Final floor plan is now available.
  • The 80:80 Committee, through its Chair, John Saker, delivered a comprehensive presentation at the November AGM to provide feedback on all progress to date and to disclose the revised time frames.
  • The architect's impressions have been updated as well.


  • The 80:80 Project Committee has reviewed deliberated and debated the feedback received from Members and the architects have now received their instruction to finalise the full set of drawing plans by 08 November 2010. Thank you for communicating your comments and suggestions.
  • A professional QS and PM (Project Manager) has been identified and the relevant working contracts will be signed with the appointee by 12 November 2010.
  • Much work has gone into the drafting of the Tender Document and identifying all the special conditions that will be included in the Tender Document.
  • Andrew Rossaak (Technical Director and Building Member) and appointed by the Board to the 80:80 Project Committee has been elected to be Ingwelala’s liaison with the PM. Alternatively it will be the Reserve Manager.
  • The two co-optees' appointed to the 80:80 Project Committee are Ingwelala Members Mike Watson (Bungalow #170) and Georg Schwaeble (Bungalow #106), serving on the Committee with full responsibility and accountability. Thank you to Members who offered to assist.
  • The Committee is preparing a comprehensive presentation for the AGM to provide feedback on all progress to date and revised time frames. This presentation will replace the tradition of inviting a “guest speaker”.
  • It is anticipated that demolition and construction will commence in early March 2011 after awarding the contract in the New Year.


  • The Directors have called for applications and are seeking to appoint a Project Manager to manage the project on behalf of the Board, and in accordance with the time table reflected in the Proposal. This appointment will require a formal contract of engagement with agreed specific responsibilities, and a project management plan will be required prior to approval. The closing date for interested parties was 03 October 2010.
    When appointed, the Project Manager will work with the Building Committee, but be responsible to a special Project Sub Committee, coordinated by Mr John Saker (Company Secretary from Bungalow #7).
  • The Board has formally appointed the architect, Christoff Wipplinger of Impatto Designs. The working drawings are scheduled to be complete by 08 October 2010.
  • The Building Committee and the new Project Manager will work together to seek to commission a QS and prepare the required documentation prior to calling for tenders for the various portions of the project, including the main contractor.
  • Administration will need to process the special levy arrangements from 01 November 2010 and Finance will need to budget the cash flow required for the project.

Special General Meeting - Report back

An extremely exciting moment in the life of Ingwelala took place in Johannesburg on 19 August 2010.

I refer to the SGM, called to approve an expenditure of up to R6.1 million on the proposed administration office remodel. Exciting, as I see it from my work position, because of the massive Member interest and attendance that the Ingwelala community delivered. Your participation was simply outstanding. Thank you, to one and all for engaging with the Board and Management.

The project proposal has arisen out of simple necessity, the administration buildings and Member facilities really do require urgent remedial work, an upgrade of sorts, and that is the bottom line. In a mature way, the result of the vote should never be viewed as a triumphant victory, but rather a modest recognition that the time has come for Ingwelala to fix its buildings, and it will alter the configuration as you have come to know it.

Everybody has an opinion, and the ancient cliché of “two heads are better than one” can only serve to strengthen our resolve to find the best solutions, rather than to dilute and divide us through some uncertainties. Such is the nature of a Shareblock community, that the management and progress thereof is influenced by diverse challenges, and we have to be astute to achieve a practical balance between varying opinions. Comments and suggestions from Members have been taken into account in the ongoing deliberations since the meeting.

My immediate encouragement is for Ingwelala to identify its personnel skills and its available resources and for the project team to ensure that each step of the project is meticulously undertaken, and recorded.

This leads me to record that due to the overwhelming representation at the SGM to pass the resolution – 80% present in person or proxy, and the 80% majority vote carried in support of the project, by popular demand the project is now known as “The 80:80 Project”. Of course this will remind the team to spend maybe only 80% of the allowance!

The Resolution was amended, with the agreement of the meeting, to delete point 5 as the Directors, following representations from some members, no longer believed it necessary to encumber any assets prior to proceeding as alternative unsecured finance sources, if required, would be available.

The Board at its meeting on 11 September 2010 held at Ingwelala appointed a formal Board Sub-Committee to provide overall oversight for The 80:80 Project. The 80:80 Project Sub-Committee is fortunate to have available a vast professional and experienced skill base within the Ingwelala Membership. Because the success of the 80:80 Project rests in a professional and team effort, Members who feel they can contribute to the project’s success are welcome to approach John Llewellyn with a view to filling the two ad-hoc positions created by the Board on The 80:80 Project Sub-Committee, specifically to broaden member involvement. Please volunteer your possible participation to John Llewellyn or use This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Additionally, the Board is keen to consider engaging, on a professional basis, Ingwelala members for the professional team positions.

Notice of  Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting to consider the Resolution to authorise the project will be held at the Country Club Johannesburg, Woodmead, Johannesburg on Thursday 19th August 2010 at 7.00pm (registration from 6.30pm)

Click here to download the formal Notice of Meeting.
Click here to download the Proxy Form.

Informal Members' Meeting 

A Members’ Informal Information Sharing Meeting was held at Johannesburg Country Club, Woodmead, Sandton on Tuesday 27th July 2010. It was well attended.

One of the aims of this meeting was to anticipate members’ questions and to gather additional information ahead of a formal Special General Meeting that will be held to consider and if thought fit, approve a resolution to authorise the expenditure of the project.

John Saker presented a slideshow to the members based on the Proposal. Thereafter, questions from the audience were answered.