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Project Dando

Introduction: Project Dando - 2012 Flood Repairs: January 2012 to November 2012 (and beyond for individual bungalow rebuilds).

Project Dando was established in late January as a result of the extensive flooding and damage to Ingwelala and its infrastructure caused by cyclone Dando on 17th and 18th January. This page served as a means of communication with members and a record of the events and progress on repairs.
Project progress with photos are shown in the updates below. Please read from the bottom up.


Flood Restoration update

Click here for pics of the completed admin block & swimming pool  (Project 80:80 & Dando)

Phase 1:
Two outstanding projects remain, which are the two bungalows undergoing total rebuilds, both of which will now only be completed during the first quarter of 2013.

Phase 2:

Phase 3:
Phase 3 has commenced. The anticipated date of completion for Phase 3 remains 15 December 2012.

Flood Restoration update

Phase 1:
Two outstanding projects remain, which are the two bungalows undergoing total rebuilds, one of which is targeted for completion by 15 December 2012, the other in early 2013.

Phase 2:
Repair work in Phase 2 is basically completed, with minor snags being attended to at the time of writing.

Phase 3:
Phase 3 has commenced. The anticipated date of completion for Phase 3 is 15 December 2012.

Flood Restoration update

Phase 1:
The repair process for Phase 1 is 100% complete, the exceptions being the two bungalows for total rebuild, one of which is targeted for completion by 15 December 2012, the other in early 2013. Snag items on repaired bungalows are complete.

Phase 2:
Progress in Phase 2 is satisfactory. Latent structural faults are being attended to on two bungalows. General repair work is 80% complete, anticipated completion date for Phase 2 is 30 October 2012.

Phase 3:
Phase 3 commencements are delayed on two of the bungalows due to the limited availability of preferred contractors. Work continues on another three bungalows in this Phase. The anticipated date of completion for Phase 3 is 15 December 2012.

Flood Restoration update

The swimming pool rebuild is complete. The filtration plant is operational. The chemicals are added and so the pool is fully commissioned and in use. Borehole delivery was better than expected, so between resting periods it took 55 hours of pumping to fill the pool. With construction complete Conservation staff can now focus on the cosmetics of re-establishing lawn growth and rehabilitation of the old pool site.

Click here for the Chairman's report
Please click here for swimming pool rebuild photos (11/07/2012)


Chameleon Builders: Phase 1 of the bungalow restoration under project management is 90% complete. Feedback from Members whose bungalows are completed is complimentary. Any snags will be attended to. A one month over run in Phase 1 is due to additional work requested, over and above flood damage.

Sharalumi Building Solutions: Phase 2 progress is equally satisfactory. Anticipated date of completion is 30 October 2012.

The anticipated date to commence Phase 3 is 25 September 2012, for completion by 15 December 2012.

Flood Restoration update

1. Roads
Conservation Staff have been successful in:

• Creating a link road close to the narrowest point between Nyati Drive and Combretum Drive on Buffelsbed. This facilitates a useful loop drive between these two roads whilst the wash away on Nyati Drive (closer to Third Crossing) is repaired.
• Creating a single track (enter and exit) to a river lookout off Lion Alley (over the southern side of the “extinct” River Road on Buffelsbed.
• Creating a short loop road further north along Lion Alley Road on Buffelsbed – with a viewing lay bye – closer to Mermaid Crossing.
• Creating a single track (entry and exit) on Goedehoop at the confluence of the Hammerkop River and its main tributary – closest land mark is Crombec Drive. A rustic picnic table and bench will follow.
• Nyati Drive on Buffelsbed remains closed.
• On the Nhlaralumi River; Timbavati Crossing, Tamboti Crossing and Mermaid Crossing remain closed.

The Reserve Map will be updated shortly demarcating the new roads.

2. Environmental Impact Assessment
Ingwelala is undertaking an Environmental Impact Assessment as required by the legislation to reinstate river crossings and move material in the river. If you wish to provide comments to the consultants, please click here to download the Background Information Document, with all details and a form.

3. Swimming Pool

 Progress on the new Swimming Pool contracted to Penguin Pools remains satisfactory. The additional paving arrived and is being laid. The white marble plaster will follow. The anticipated date of completion is the third week of August. It will then take 4.5 days to fill the pool!

4.  Bungalow Repairs
Progress on bungalow repairs/restoration affected by the flood is most satisfactory. Phase 1 is near completion (ahead of the target date) and Phase 2 has commenced (also ahead of the target date).

Flood Restoration update

1. Environmental Impact Assessment
A reminder that The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) necessary to replace the damaged river crossing (Mermaid) and the washed out Combretum/Nyati Drive is in progress and has been registered with the relevant authorities and is well underway.

2. Swimming Pool
Progress on the new Swimming Pool contracted to Penguin Pools remains satisfactory. There is a temporary delay over a supply problem (broken mould) for additional paving ordered. The supplier has indicated that by mid July production will once again be in full swing.
3. Bungalow Repairs
Progress on bungalow repairs/restoration affected by the flood is most satisfactory. Phase 1 is near completion (ahead of the target date) and Phase 2 has commenced (also ahead of the target date).

4. Flood Damage Special Levy
At a General Meeting held in Johannesburg on 03 July 2012, 89 bungalows were represented either in person or by Proxy. The meeting unanimously approved the Resolution to raise a special flood levy. Bungalow Administrators will be contacted shortly to advise Management of their preferred payment option.

To authorise the Directors (as a single Resolution, with or without amendment):

  1. To impose a Flood Damage Special Levy on the Members at the rate of R600 per share for the purpose of restoring infrastructure at Ingwelala damaged in floods in January 2012 and as more fully described in Annexure A.
  2. To collect the Flood Damage Special Levy from each Share Block on one of the following basis, at the option of each Share Block:

    2.1. as a once-off lump sum payment of R600 per share payable by 31 July 2012; or
    2.2. at the rate of R51 per share per month for 12 months commencing 31 July 2012 and ending 30 June 2013; or
    2.3. at the rate of R89 per share per month commencing from the conclusion of the Special Levy for the Re-Modelling
          of the Ingwelala Administration Building i.e. from 1 November 2012 to 31 May 2013; or
    2.4. at the rate of R40 per share per month commencing 1 November 2012 to 28 February 2014.
          (This is a simple continuation of the building levy until 28 February 2014).

5. Additions to Ingwelala infrastrucure
At the Board Meeting held on 19 May 2012 the Board approved the following additions to the Reserve infrastructure:

  • To create a link road close to the narrowest point between Nyati Drive and Combretum Drive on Buffelsbed. This will facilitate a useful loop drive between these two roads whilst the wash away on Nyati Drive (closer to Third Crossing) is repaired.
  • To create a single track (enter and exit) to a river lookout off Lion Alley (over the southern side of the “extinct” River Road on Buffelsbed.
  • To create a short loop road further north along Lion Alley Road on Buffelsbed – with a viewing lay bye – closer to Mermaid Crossing.
  •  To create a single track (enter and exit) to a rustic picnic table and bench on Goedehoop at the confluence of the Hammerkop River and its main tributary – closest land mark is Crombec Drive.
  •  To formalise a single bay park on the northern side of Sibon Dam adjacent to the new drainage channels.
  •  The Garden of Remembrance to be relocated and elevated to a more suitable position away from the new swimming pool area. A quiet and shady area (inside the camp) on the western bank of the Sekgobela River has been identified.

Flood Restoration update

You will have noticed that You will have noticed that the frequency of the Chairman has reduced – this is due to the magnificent job that our Management Team and Staff have done to get Ingwelala well on the road to recovery. There are, however, some important developments since the last communication, some of which are outside the scope of the Dando Project and are also dealt with in the following report.

Please click here download the full report.

The rebuilding of the Swimming Pool is progressing very well, with gunite concrete currently being laid. The target completion date of the new Pool is 30 June 2012.

Flood Restoration New Swimming Pool

As you are no doubt aware from all the communication to Members since the Dando Flood in mid-January 2012, the Ingwelala Swimming Pool fell victim to the enormous forces of nature and requires to be rebuilt. This document aims to explain the Board’s decision to rebuild the Swimming Pool and bring all Members up to date with developments in this regard.

Please click here download the full report.

Flood Restoration Bi-monthly update

Camp services are back to normal..

Please click here download the full report.

From the March Reserve Report

1. Insurance administration

Whilst the relevant Directors and professional team employed by the Insurers are dealing with the claim around the swimming pool and bungalows, management staff concentrated on the damage to Reserve tools and equipment, Reserve field infrastructure such as boreholes, pumps etc. and business interruption. I can report a very trying time, with the indifferent telephone services, and trying to obtain quotations for everything. Stephanie Amos assisted me hugely in this area.

2. Reserve Infrastructure

These activities include rebuilding the roads, restoring the damaged borehole equipment, reticulation of main line water delivery pipes to the reservoirs and to camp through rivers holding water, fencing repairs and supervision of contracted road plant (heavy machinery). It has been a mammoth task for the Ingwelala Conservation Team. Pieter Nel and his team deserve accolades second to none and with equivalent alacrity of any World Cup winning squad, as does Annemie Nel and her Housekeeping Team for the assistance they rendered Members whose bungalows were worst affected. This paved the way for the professional team to be able to inspect the bungalows for structural damage.

3. Preparation for the Easter holidays

It would happen that Easter falls rather early this year, and with many extraordinary goings on, the preparation for the Easter holidays also commences well in advance. Small things like the planning of bulk game viewer preparations in the Workshop, with unknown water supplies for vehicle washing (now thankfully restored), planning staff leave to have a full compliment during the holidays, stocking the shop and of course last but not least, begging our fuel suppliers for delivery!

4. Returning to normal

There are days I wish I could wave a magic wand, and in a single motion restore Ingwelala to what it was on 17 January 2011, but it “ain’t gonna happen!” We have to accept and deal with the hand we are dealt. No amount of reasonable money we might be prepared to expend can build a new 650 000-litre swimming pool in a week, settle a sizable insurance claim overnight, smooth all the roads as one, level all the river crossings, bury the pipes through exposed rock beds in rivers or replace all the top soil and quarry we lost to the elements of nature. We have to rebuild Ingwelala, one day at a time, with the resources we have, and aim to complete this project – in time – to deliver better than we had. And through all of this there must be certain empathy for those worst affected, to those unable to use their bungalows as they planned through 2012.

From a staff perspective there is no doubt that to a person we all acknowledge and identify challenging times ahead. We see exciting times filled with opportunities and mostly I see the staff with a bounce in their step ready to take up the challenges to serve you.

Since the Reserve has re-opened I can only once again, and on behalf of the staff, thank those Members who have visited Ingwelala, who have expressed their supportive, gratefulness and encouragement for the progress to date and understanding that it will take time to restore the infrastructure. Misunderstandings have thankfully being very few.

Flood Restoration Bi-monthly update

We are delighted to announce that the water reticulation system and water supply from all of the Boreholes across the rivers to the Reservoir has been fully repaired.

Regrettably, some Members continue to ignore certain road closures, choosing to either ignore or move barriers. This has contributed to additional road repair costs and it is most disheartening for our Conservation Team.

As previously communicated, flood damage to the Swimming Pool has resulted in it being written off and required to be completely rebuilt in a new location. The Insurer has requested that the new Pool be moved further away from the riverine system and its elevation increased in order to reduce future risks and claims. The new filtration station will be designed to include ladies and gents change room and cold shower facilities which we believe were always lacking at Ingwelala.

Please click here download the full report.

Flood Restoration Bi-monthly update

Progress continues with infrastructure restoration, insurance claims, bungalow and pool restoration, as well as issues regarding the repairing and/or rebuilding of the breached dams.

Please click here download the full report.

Flood Restoration Bi-monthly update

Since the re-opening of Ingwelala, significant progress has been made in the various aspects of restoring Ingwelala. In view of this, the Chairman has replaced the Weekly Flood Update message with this bi-monthly Dando Project Update communication.

Please click here download the full report.

Reception Update

The bush is alive - a chirpy bird chorus, 10 wild dogs near third crossing, a breeding herd of elephant, giraffe, nyala, golden orb spiders... and lush greenery.

Along with this comes the good news that the airstrip is functional and our fuel delivery has arrived.

A few folk have asked about the road from Jhb to Ingwelala. Reports are that the roads are fine for all types of vehicles. Travelling time may be slightly slower due to additonal pot holes and road construction. The recommended route by our weekend visitors is the N4 Belfast, Dullstroom, Lydenburg, Hoedspruit, Ingwelala route. It is best to travel during day light hours.

The route via Polokwane, Tzaneen, Gravelotte, Mica, Hoedspruit, Ingwelala takes about 7 1/2 hrs with current road works.

Weekly Flood Update

Ingwelala Re-opens!
Our Chairman, Kevin Alborough, is delighted to announce that all of the critical milestones for re-opening Ingwelala have been achieved and Ingwelala will be officially, albeit conditionally, re-opened from tomorrow, Thursday 23 February 2012. (But the airstrip is still closed.)

Please click here download the full report.

Reserve Report on Floods

I don’t suppose the privileged inhabitants in 1912 thought to write a 1:100 year flood manual for Ingwelala. We could have used one, or at least edited the contents with an update!
Please click here for the full report

Weekly Flood Update

Dando Project Team Progress Report
Good progress, but still a long way to go!

Please click here to download the full report.

9th Feb Members Evening - Report Back

Despite the short notice of less than a week, almost 200 people attended the Ingwelala Members’ Information Meeting called for Thursday 9th February 2012.

The General manager gave a personnel account of what had transpired, supported by photographs and a dramatic video showing the huge volume and fast speed of rushing brown water churning over the main road causeway. It is a wonder that the causeway survived the onslaught and we are fortunate that the situation was not exacerbated by a collapse...

Please click here for the full report, presentation with photos and video.

Weekly Flood Update

Dando Project Team Progress Report
The Dando Project Team has established the critical milestones that must be achieved in order for Ingwelala to be re-opened and the force majeure situation lifted.

Please click here to download the full report.

Flood Update

An emergency Board Meeting was held at Ingwelala this past weekend (28/29 January 2012) in order to assess firsthand the extent of the flood damage to both the Reserve and the Bungalows.

Ingwelala will remain closed until the February 2012 Board Meeting which will be held at the Reserve on 25/26 February 2012. An assessment and decision will be made at this meeting whether or not the essential services and conditions have been restored to the extent that we can safely reopen Ingwelala to the general Membership.

Please click here to download the full report.

Communication from John Llewellyn

The team have been hard at work with restoring essential services, mopping up operations and assessing damage. The loss adjuster was at Ingwelala yesterday and has looked at the damaged buildings. John is directly in contact via email with all affected parties.

Eskom has restrung their cables across the river, and electricity was restored for 6 hours yesterday. However due to faults further back, Ingwelala is back on generated power for the moment.

Similarly, 2 of the telephone lines are working intermittently. There seems to still be a problem with the Telkom tower, also off the property.

Water is still a critical issue, with only one borehole working. As soon as the Eskom power is reliable, a team will go out and test/repair all the other boreholes.

All members that were on Ingwelala at the time of the floods have gone home, but there is still no road access to Ingwe for sedan vehicles.

An emergency meeting with the Board has been scheduled at Ingwelala over the weekend and a plan of action going forward will be communicated to members sometime next week.

Please click here here for photos (26/01/2012)

Force Majeure

Since the receding of the flooding a few days ago, John Llewellyn and his team have had the opportunity to assess the damage to the Ingwelala Camp area as well as water damage/flooding of all the Bungalows. A communication to all share block administration officers regarding the status of damage to all Bungalows is currently being distributed via email to members. (It will not be available on this website, as this is a public forum.)

As a result of the unprecedented flooding, Ingwelala has suffered serious damage to its infrastructure and it is going to take some time to restore the essential services required to operate Ingwelala normally. At present, the water supply for the entire Camp and Staff accommodation can only be serviced by one borehole and the electricity supply only provided through load shedding from our own diesel generator, which is now relying on fuel being siphoned from Game Viewers (don’t worry, this will all be replaced in due course). There is no diesel or unleaded fuel and LRP is being rationed, and due to the damage of the main access road, it is uncertain when a fuel tanker will be able to reach Ingwelala to replenish our stocks. The Ice Freezer in the shop is being switched off to save electricity and the Laundry scaled down to an absolute minimum in order to save water and electricity. The Shop can currently offer very little and the Staff have been authorized to fish for the time being. Emergency food rations were delivered last week by helicopter and scramblers.

Damage to our Camp roads is serious and we cannot risk any further deterioration at this time through additional traffic. Our Staff are working hard to repair the wash aways so that vehicles can access all Bungalows. The roads on the Reserve have also been seriously affected with many closed to traffic. Night driving has been banned until further notice.

The few Members currently at Ingwelala will be assisted to leave by mid-week.
At this time, we believe that Members (and any persons accompanying them) would be exposing themselves to the danger of injury and their vehicles to damage by trying to access Ingwelala. It has not been possible to fully assess all of the damage as yet. In addition, we cannot put the scarce resources we have or our infrastructure at any further risk of use by Members or Contractors. Consequently, the Board has taken the decision to temporarily close Ingwelala (including Sibon) from 12h00 today until further notice and declare a force majeure situation.

All Contractors currently operating at Ingwelala will be advised of the force majeure situation and not allowed on Ingwelala unless they are being specifically contracted by Ingwelala Management to repair essential infrastructure.

The recovery effort will cost Ingwelala unforeseen expenses which fall outside of the normal operating and capital budgets, including a significant loss of revenue due to a lack of essential services and the temporary closure. Insurance claims will play a major role in ameliorating this and the Board will, in the first instance, make use of available reserves. It is unlikely that the Insurers will cover the damage to our roads on the Reserve.

As communicated last week, regular updates will be circulated whenever necessary. Members whose Bungalows have been seriously damaged through the storm water/flooding will be communicated with directly in order to establish an action plan going forward. In the meantime, the Insurers have been notified of the flooding and potential claims.

The Board gives the assurance that the temporary closure status will be lifted as soon as the situation improves and makes this possible. We have not taken this decision lightly and understand that Members wish to visit Ingwelala at their earliest opportunity in order to assess the state of their Bungalows.

Your co-operation and understanding will be greatly appreciated.
Kevin Alborough

Please click here for photos (23/01/2012)

More news on surrounding areas: 20/01/2012

Ntsiri reports:
"We have managed to access areas on the farm on the eastern side of the Ntsiri River only on foot and by quad bike, luckily enough when the quad bogs down it is light enough to lift out!  At this point the roads on Ntsiri are not traversable by vehicle without getting stuck or causing further damage to the road. We have done a basic reckie on most houses along the river and there is considerable damage to these houses, if not  structurally there is water damage to contents. Members are being emailed pictures of their units as soon as they are available."

Unfortunately it looks like the "Bush Pub" (Jos Macs) is also gone. See photos below. Remember, the swimming pool was well above the pub which was way below the bridge. Our favorite watering hole on the drive-in, just before the new Main Gate.

We will keep you up to date on the latest developments on Ingwelala as the reports come in.

Message from the Chairman regarding floods at Ingwelala

Please click here to download

Member updates on surrounding areas:

We have had confirmation from Members in #25 that there is a HUGE donga near JayDee (Strip of road has washed away) – that’s as far as they got from Ingwelala.

From Vikki & Francoise who tried to access Ingwe from Hoedspruit:
And as promised, here is an update on the situation, based on our travels today. We could not get further than 500m odd from the control gate , where we reached a road collapse. Actually, cars are not being allowed through at the moment, other than transfer companies, who are collecting people at the collapse (after they have walked across). We spoke to Abel at the gate, and bearing in mind that he too is still only receiving second hand info, this seems to be the situation: there are 3 similar road collapses, including one at Ndlophu, where Peru Dam broke through. The first low water bridge has been washed away completely, and the one at Ingwelala is damaged (still to be assessed). At this point, Abel has no idea when the road will be passable. They will attempt to bypass the first collapse, though that will pretty much be only for 4 x 4 vehicles, and then assess the balance of the work. All the machinery is already hard at work in Hoedspruit, trying to repair the damage there, so they will have to stand in line. See the attached photo of the Timbavati road.

We have heard that the road to Ohrigstad has been closed, and that the best route Joburg - Hoedspruit is via Tzaneen.

Flood Damage at Ingwelala

As you may be aware, Ingwelala measured not less than 300 mm of rainfall in just under 36 hours. The rain abated late afternoon on 18 January. Without exception every river and drainage stream on Ingwelala flooded. The majority of roads served as water conduits.

As a result there is plenty of storm water damage to many of the infrastructures.

Currently there is no vehicle access accross any of the cause ways, which means that Staff are not in a position to report to you with any accuracy damage to any particular property. Once the lower lying area of the camp becomes accessible to staff, a basic inventory will be conducted to assess affected bungalows.

In all likelyhood, any accurate information will not be available before Sunday, 22 January - at the earliest. In the event of any insurance claims affecting buildings and solar only, John Llewellyn and Stephanie Amos need to be contacted in this regard.

Kindly be reminded that the company does not insure household contents, this is a private undertaking by Members themselves.

I am very pleased to report that the new office complex survived the test without mishap. Unfortunately many of the new trees planted in the rehabilitation process washed away, as did tons of top soil, but the buildings are not affected.

Our immediate challenge is to reinstate:
1. The fresh water supply in camp
2. Eskom supply
3. Telkom

General feedback on what management is able to assess thus far:
• All the main borehole pumps are out of commission
• Several main line pipes in camp have washed away
• Concrete causeway in camp damaged at access points
• Causeway accross Hammerkop Spruit not damaged
• Eskom and Telkom cables accross Sharalumi River washed away
• Roads washed out in many places
• Swimming pool and pump house flooded and unservicable

The condition of the main Sharalumi causeway is unknown. At the time of writing this communication the water is subsiding. Staff are clearing debris deposits. If and when we can cross the causeway, I shall advise on access from Hoedspruit (also declared a disaster area).

Please be understanding in that (once the camp is accessible) Members intending to visit Ingwelala will have to be self contained. I can not indicate when water and house keeping services services will be restored to normal functionality. Shop stock is limited.

In closing I have no doubt you will appreciate the additional pressures placed on staff through the assessment and "mop up" phase, and we are committed to look after those persons who require our immediate assistance in camp. It may happen that queries originating off site may not be immediately replied to if they are of a nature that is not a priority under the current circumstances. Please be understanding in this regard.

Natalie and I will do our level best to keep you updated on discoveries and general progress. Hold thumbs we don't loose our internet connection.

A brief summary from 5pm yesterday:
• The Nhlaralumi, Ga-Sekobela and Hamerkopspruit are flowing strongly.
• Ingwelala drive has been affected close to the entrance by a wash away. 
• Vehicles have to drive past #29/30 and access camp using this road.
• Currently one can only drive as far as #136 on Ingwelala Drive due to wash aways. 
• Access to Buffelsbed directly across from the Ingwelala gate has been closed off.  Power cables have collapsed and part of the road is inaccessible due to water.
• Beacon Boma is inaccessible.
• Thorpes Dam was empty yesterday, full this morning and then has emptied again with a breach in their dam wall.
• Most roads are waterlogged.

• We are unable to access Argyle so have no photos at the moment.
• We will keep Members posted about access to Ingwelala. 
• We will also notify Members of any damage to bungalows (particularly those along the rivers) as we are able to access them. 

Please click here for photos (19/02/2012)