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Reserve Affairs
Compiled from the latest Reserve Report - monthly
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Compiled from the latest Reserve Report - monthly
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Rainfall: February 2018:
1983 - 2017 90.2mm
1992 - 2017
Max: 37°C
Min: 20°C
7/14 Day forecast - Ingwelala

Do's & Don'ts

The Rules of Conduct are contained as undertakings in the Use Agreement signed by every shareholder. It is the responsibility of the shareholder to inform his authorized users, guests and unaccompanied guests of the contents and ensure that they are strictly adhered to. 

  • Use of the property is entirely at owner’s and/or guest’s risk
  • Adults must accompany children under 18 years
  • No unlicensed driver may drive on the reserve
  • Do not speed on the reserve or in camp. The limit in camp is 20km/h and on outside roads 30km/h
  • Firearms, motorcycles, bicycles and pets are strictly forbidden
  • Do not traverse on neighbouring properties. White stone cairns and signs demarcate our boundaries
  • Shining of spotlights in camp is prohibited
  • Do not drive in riverbeds or off-road, use only designated roads
  • Do not drive on the airstrip. Use the service road that runs parallel to the strip for game viewing
  • Walking on the reserve is entirely at your own risk. Do not walk after dark, even in the camp, as it is extremely dangerous
  • Firewood may not be collected from the reserve
  • Prevent veld fires. Outside of the camp area, fires are only permitted at Beacon Boma, Argyle Boma and the Platform
  • Ash from fires should be placed in a metal container, which will be emptied by the company on request when full
  • Do not collect remains of dead animals
  • Do not remove or introduce any flora, unless approved by management
  • Do not litter. Be especially careful of litter falling from vehicles during game drives
  • Refuse is to be sorted into plastic, bio-degradable materials and glass and tins, and must be deposited in the refuse boma in separate bags or containers for disposal by the company
  • Please keep noise down in camp. Sound travels, especially at night when members wish to enjoy the peace of the bush environment and natural night sounds
  • Do not play radios, tape or CD players or musical instruments on the common property, or at a volume that can be heard outside your bungalow
  • Do not feed the animals or put out bones etc at night
  • In order to prevent damage by baboons and other animals, always close bungalow windows and doors when the unit is unoccupied
  • The use of electricity generators is prohibited
  • Don’t waste water, and report all leaks
  • No caravans or tents may be brought onto the property, and no camping is allowed
  • Don’t drive past SiBon camp when it is occupied – watch for the “occupied” signs
  • Visitors traversing on non-resident vehicles are to be accompanied at all times by a shareholder or authorized user, failing which the occupants of the vehicle will be liable for unaccompanied guest fees